Year 6

Welcome to our Year 6 Curriculum area.

Here you will find out about the topics we will be learning about this year.

Year 6 Long Term Plan



In this History based topic, children will learn about life in Victorian times; developing their knowledge about Victorian culture, including significant people and inventions of the time. Best behaviour please!

Frozen Kingdom

This Geography topic teaches children about the characteristics and features of polar regions, including the North and South Poles, and includes a detailed exploration of the environmental factors that shape and influence them. Time to wrap up warm!


A Child’s War

In this History topic children will learn about the cause and effect of the Second World War, significant events and people and develop their empathy for what it was like to be a child at the time.

A Child's War: Blood Heart

In this Science topic children about the human circulatory system and heart health, developing their knowledge about the workings of the heart and significant medical discoveries.



Learning all about the rainforest! Locating, comparing and discovering the many layers. Time to travel around the world to find out how rainsforests support our world.


In this advanced Geography topic, children will develop children’s knowledge of classification and inheritance. Children explore human identity, genetic characteristics, family traits and their own values and beliefs. Time to get researching!

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