School Fund

The Governors and staff at Meadow are continually looking at ways to develop and improve the school and we are proud of the welcoming and stimulating learning environment that we provide for our children. Many developments to date have greatly enhanced the school building and facilities, including trim trail equipment, picnic and game-top tables, planters, playground climbing, play and sports equipment, wildlife garden and allotment area, introduction of IPads to all classrooms and we have a rolling programme to continue the development of our school and enhance learning even further. Things we would like to do in the near future include:

  • Update and increase the provision of iPads in School.
  • Provide Smartsacks for pupils - an over-the-chair storage system that will allow them to keep the essentials close to hand during the school day, but their desks uncluttered for learning.
  • Purchase high quality non-fiction texts to support cross-curricular engagement and learning.

Unfortunately we have seen a reduction in funding over the last few years and we do not have the resources to pay for all such items from the school’s main budget, but by collecting £20 per year per family as a donation to our School Trust Fund, we can make a real difference to our school. Therefore, at the beginning of each academic year, we invite all families to make a voluntary contribution of £20. Anyone who is unable to make this level of donation is welcome to make a smaller contribution and/or perhaps give their time to help in school or at PTFA fund-raising events. Of course, families are free to donate a larger amount if circumstances allow. The School Trust Fund is a registered charity and we are therefore able to claim Gift Aid back from the Inland Revenue on eligible donations: if you are a tax payer and complete a Gift Aid declaration, every pound donated by you is worth £1.25 to the school, making your donation go even further!

If you have not yet made a contribution this year and wish to do so, you can make your payment via SCOpay/Tucasi: please complete the Donation Form below and return to school.  

Many thanks for your support and please do not hesitate to let us know if you have further ideas about how we can use and develop the Meadow Primary School Trust Fund.

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