Wider Curriculum

Governors and staff at the school believe that a key role for primary education is to prepare pupils for a happy and successful later life. This means ensuring that our pupils not only learn core skills in English, maths and other curriculum subjects effectively, but also develop important ‘skills for life’ such as self-awareness, compassion, teamwork, personal organisation and leadership. Our curriculum is geared to achieving our goal of ensuring that our pupils are ‘Ready for Life’ because the school firstly teaches and embeds the required knowledge and skills at each year group level, and then provides each child with the opportunity to apply what they have been taught in the form of investigate problem-solving scenarios. Wherever possible these are related to the world outside of the classroom.

While we have the highest of expectations for our pupils within the classroom, this is only a part of the learning experience that we offer. We believe in providing a breadth of opportunities for our pupils that will give them the best possible foundations to carry forward into the next stage of their education.

An extensive range of extra-curricular activities are provided both during and after school. As well as sports, activities involving music, choirs, languages, science and art are provided by members of the school team, while external experts are engaged to run other clubs as diverse as drama and even Lindy hop dancing!

We encourage the children to take part in our 'Discovery Days' such as World Book Day, Roald Dahl Day, Titanic Day, WW2 Day and many other specially themed days where the children can dress up, create projects and models and experience a totally different school day.

Please see below what else we offer to children to support their education and develop leadership skills:

British Values

We teach British values at Meadow throughout the curriculum and wider school, these are:

  • The Rule of Law
  • Democracy
  • Individual Liberty
  • Mutual Respect
  • Tolerance for those of different faiths and beliefs

In this way, our children will develop:

  • An understanding of how citizens can influence decision-making through the democratic process.
  • An understanding that the freedom to hold other faiths and beliefs is protected in law.
  • An understanding that people having different faiths and beliefs (or having none) should be accepted and tolerated, and should not be the cause of discriminatory behaviour.
  • An understanding of the importance or identifying and combating discrimination.

Spiritual, moral, Social, Cultural Development (SMSC)

At Meadow, we strive to create a learning environment that promotes our pupils’ Spiritual, Moral, Social and cultural development (SMSC). The curriculum seeks to equip our pupils with the knowledge, skills, attitudes and values they will need to be healthy and respectful citizens and to succeed in their future lives.   

Opportunities are provided throughout our curriculum, as well as through assemblies and extracurricular activities:  

  • We encourage our pupils to be reflective through pupil voice.
  • Develop opinions and points of view through class discussions.
  • Celebrate achievements through half termly Governor Awards and weekly Celebration Assemblies.
  • Encourage children to reflect on their own behaviour and develop coping strategies.
  • Explore what is happening in the world through weekly ‘news assemblies’.
  • Celebrate whole class behaviour with behaviour charts, collecting minutes for a ‘surprise’.
  • Weekly whole school assemblies to introduce a theme linking to SMSC which is then relayed throughout the week in lessons and weekly year group assemblies.
  • Each class has a Mental Health Toolkit to allow children space to reflect and calm down.

Head Boy and Head Girl

Meadow Primary has one Head Boy and one Head Girl plus their deputies. Candidates have to apply for this role and are carefully selected to work with the Headteacher to market and improve the school. The Job Description and Person Specification are below.



Meadow Primary has one Head Boy and one Head Girl plus their deputies. Candidates have to apply for this role and are carefully selected to work with the Headteacher to market and improve the school. The Job Description and Person Specification are below.

Head Boy/Girl Job Description

Main purposes of the job

  • To support their fellow pupils and be a role model
  • To support the Headteacher and Senior Leadership Team in promoting and representing the school

Main responsibilities and tasks

  • Meet with school council /prefects
  • Show visitors round
  • Represent the school 

Head Boy/Girl Person Specification


  • Experience of being an excellent role model for others.
  • Experience of talking to others confidently /or giving speeches.

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities

  • Can talk about our responsibilities in school.
  • Understands right from wrong.
  • Ability to communicate to large groups confidently.
  • Ability to recognise and respond to others’ achievements.
  • Ability to talk about Meadow Values and why they are important.
  • Knowledge of the 4R's and how these are demonstrated throughout the school.



Having joined this scheme in 2014 we continue to enjoy its benefits.

The ‘Play Maker’ award scheme is a great introduction into leadership for learners aged nine and over. It focuses on developing leadership skills such as organisation, communication and teamwork, as well as helping to develop confidence and self-esteem.

The pupils discussed the leadership qualities required to act as role models in the playground and were taught a number of coaching skills to help them create safe, fun and effective physical activity games for younger pupils. 

The award is a great tool for teaching the pupils a range of skills that they will be able to use during their transition into Secondary School as well as getting them involved in helping the younger pupils become more active; helping Active Schools with their fundamental aim - to provide more children with the motivation and opportunities to adopt active and healthy lifestyles.

Leadership Challenges

After completing their initial training, the ‘Play Makers’ take on a range of Leadership Challenges, working towards either a Bronze, Silver or Gold certificate.

School Council

School Councillors at Meadow Primary School are committed to improving the school. At the start of the academic year, potential candidates are invited to stand for election (anonymous) by their peers in a similar way to how members of parliament are elected in Great Britain. This involves the candidates giving speeches and presentations about what they will do as a councillor that will benefit the school.

Once the elections have been completed and candidates have been chosen they are announced to the whole school in one of the weekly assemblies and are presented with the 'much sought after' School Councillor Badge.

Once elected, School Councillors must maintain an extremely high standard of work as they are role models for the rest of the school. Failure to meet these high standards results in the suspension or cancellation of their School Councillors privilages. This enables a link between school and the skills needed in modern British society.

The school council then meet once or twice every 2 weeks to discuss current issues that have been brought to them by their fellow pupils or what they have noticed themselves.

Team Captains

Team Captains play a vital role at Meadow Primary. A boy and a girl are elected termly (in a similar fashion to a member of British Parliament) from the Year 6 cohort of children and is a much sought after position of responsibility in school.

Each Team Captain must stand for election by making a presentation or speech to gain votes by their peers.

Once elected, Team Captains must maintain an extremely high standard of work as they are role models for the rest of the school. Failure to meet these high standards results in the suspension or cancellation of their team captain duties.

To ensure that Team Captains understand their important role and the duties they need to do they each sign the ‘Team Captain Rules and Responsibilities’ and ‘Team Captain Job Profile’ sheets which is similar to a contract that they will sign when they leave school and become upstanding members of British Society.

Rules and Responsibilities

  • Always walk around the school (no running).
  • Show good cooperation at all times.
  • Show good organisation at all times.
  • Demonstrate exemplary behaviour, inside, outside and off school premises at all times.
  • Always look smart wearing the correct school uniform.
  • Show respect at all times.
  • Demonstrate punctuality.
  • Always demonstrate a good working attitude.
  • Always present you work to the best of your ability.
  • Assist with Assemblies
  • Show kindness and consideration to all.
  • Demonstrate good manners at all times.
  • Show initiative.
  • Alert members of staff to any problems in school or in the playground.
  • Raise awareness and monitor the buddy bus stop.

Eco Team

The Eco Team is made up of 2 members per class in Years 3-6. tHEY are passionate about finding ways they can help and protect our environment both in school and within the wider community. The Eco Team work together to share ideas, methods and subjects they are passionate about, discussing (and debating) ideas about environmental issues.  

The Eco Team create information to raise awareness about environmental issues they are passionate about, this varies from carbon emissions to plastic use to protecting threatened eco-systems. These are shared to year groups and then published on the website to raise awareness within the wider school community.  


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