Meadow Primary works in four-phase groups, Early Years (Nursery and Reception), KS1 (Years 1 and  2), Lower KS2 (Years 3 and 4) and Upper KS2 (Years 5 and 6). If you would like to arrange a meeting please contact the office on 020 8393 4839.



Senior Leadership Team

Ms L Benardout (Headteacher)
Miss R Leavers (Deputy Headteacher / Phase Leader Early Years)
Mrs M Gerrie (Assistant Headteacher)
Mrs S Stubbings (School Business Manager)
Mrs K Andrews (SENDCo)
Miss E Clark (Teaching & Learning / Phase Leader Upper KS2)
Mr P Jelley (Behaviour / Phase Leader Lower KS2)
Mrs C Smith (English / Phase Leader KS1)

Class Teachers


Miss N Speer
Miss K McMillan
Miss K Percy-Bell
Miss W Yeung*
Year 1
Miss L De Freitas*
Miss K Richter
Mrs L Roberts
Year 2
Miss L Althorp
Miss J O'Shea Stevens
Mrs C Smith*
Year 3
Miss C Devereaux / Miss Z Gould
Mr P Jelley*
Miss I Uchendi
Year 4
Mrs K Andrews
Miss G Conlin*
Miss A Hawkins / Ms H Davies
Year 5
Mrs A James
Mrs E Bull / Miss D Link
Mrs M Gerrie / Mrs J Crump*
Year 6
Mrs V Bruigom
Miss E Clark*
Miss C Lovett-Earles
* denotes Year Group Leader


Mrs Z Haddon
Mrs J Hamilton
Mrs K Irvine
Mrs J Ludwig
Mrs J Roberts
Mrs A Pratheepan


Learning Support Assistants

Miss A Alikhan
Mrs A Baker
Miss G Behenna
Mrs R Bhatt
Mrs N Carthew
Mrs A Conlin (ELSA)
Mrs V Cooper
Miss M Doherty
Mrs R Dyer
Mrs C Harris
Mrs E Jedut-Mackesy
Mrs K Jury
Mrs A Krishnan
Miss A Mahlberg-Goodhew
Mrs V Newman
Mrs A Panda
Mrs K Patel
Mrs H Poles
Miss A Syed



Miss N Speer
Mrs S Collins
Miss N Carr
Miss K Wilson
Mrs A Hyman-Jones
Mrs E Jedut-Mackesy
Mrs A Parazso
Mrs M Asghar
Mrs H Bridgeman (Nursery Admin)

Business Manager

Mrs S Stubbings


Admin Staff

Mrs C Smith (Office Manager)
Mrs A Bansal (Premises)
Mrs C Bedford
Miss C Broom
Mrs A Head (HR)
Mrs H Penge
Mrs E Sparling


IT Technician

Mr M Mann



Mr M Roy
Mr J Dennis
Mr S Tallack
Miss M Byrne
Mrs J Bundfuss
Mrs S Newman
Miss J Smith
Mrs F Taylor
Mrs L Tickner
Mrs N Varndell


Midday Supervisors

Miss E Brayham
Miss M Byrne
Mrs M Egan
Mrs A Harris
Mrs L Jones
Mrs F Taylor
Mrs N Varndell


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