Thank you for all the positive comments following our parent questionnaire. Here are some of the comments that were made on the forms:


  • I just wanted to write to you to let you know that my son has settled in well to Meadow and much of that is thanks to the school. This is a great relief to us as parents, as we were apprehensive about it.
  • His teacher has been fantastic and our son has also commented on how he finds the structure of daily routine very helpful. He has found it to be more academically stretching than his previous school and has commented on the systems of self-assessment and peer assessment (“there’s a pen for everything, mum!”), as well as the fact that if you don’t complete your work you need to return to the classroom to do so at 12 pm. I think the homework is also just the right amount and I am pleased with the current focus on spelling and arithmetic.
  • I would also like to comment on the organisation and atmosphere that you have cultivated at Meadow as this is having a positive effect on our child.

Previous Comments

  • 'Mrs Andrews is a great teacher, my son enjoys her teaching and I'm very happy with what she's doing.
  • 'I am delighted by my son's progress at Meadow. It is a wonderful school with a high level of teaching.'
  • 'Excellent dealings with bullying. Amazing school.'
  • 'Thank you to the Reception team for making my child's time in Reception such a happy one. She loves coming to school and we are so pleased with the progress she has made. The weekly reception newsletters are really useful and informative. We are looking forward to the Tapestry software being available for parents to access so we can have a more regular insight into her progress outside of the 2 parents evenings.'
  • 'Lovely School and lovely teachers and TAs! Thank you for all your hard work with my daughter. It is much appreciated.'
  • 'We are so pleased we sent our son to MPS. He is learning and making new friends. Thank you.
  • 'We think the school is amazing!'
  • 'I couldn't have wished for a better school and teachers than are at Meadow. Thanks'
  • 'Deals with bullying brilliantly. Over all an amazing school.'
  • 'We are very pleased with our son's progress. There has been a big jump in his learning this year under Mr Jelley and Mrs Dalglish. We are very grateful.'


2016 - 2017

  • "I am so proud of my daughter. She has worked hard and all of her efforts are paying off. Keep up the good work! Your teacher has worked hard with you to get you to such a brilliant standard".
  • "Trying hard and number work looks good. Handwriting - we will practise at home".
  • "Lovely to see my son's improvement in his handwriting since starting Year 2. Still room for improvement but he has more confidence in literacy now. His numeracy is where he excels - good to see his way of working sums out and the process of that. Teachers comments are very encouraging and give areas to improve on".
  • "I'm very impressed with how hard you have tried to work with my son".
  • "Thank you very much - I'm very happy".
  • "We are very proud of how well our son is doing at school. He is confident at reading and his writing can be really neat when he wants it to be! He really enjoys coming to school and we enjoy seeing him changing into a confident young boy".
  • "Our son has progressed so well in Year 2 - he is loving having Miss Levers as his teacher too".
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