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Year 6 - Manatees

Welcome to Class 6EC - Manatees Class

Your teacher is Miss Clark

Your Learning Support Assistants in Year 6 are: Mrs Smith, Mrs Hughes, Mrs Roberts

Our Meadow HLTA's are: Mrs Dalglish, Mrs Georgui, Mrs Mockler, Mrs Irvine, Mrs Mellon, Mrs Roberts

English Topics


Autumn Spring Summer
Clockwork Lion Clocktower
Poetry - Fish Alma Fantastic Beasts
Around the world in 80 Days Holes  
Man on the Moon Beyond the Lines  




We are using Classroom Secrets to deliver a series of lessons covering the National Curriculum objectives.  The lessons are differentiated in a variety of ways and the children are encouraged to challenge themselves at a suitable level through fluency, problem solving and reasoning.  We use a variety of resources such as White Rose Hub to expose the children to a mastery curriculum to fully imbed their understanding.


Topics are as follows:


  • Place value
  • Four operations
  • Fractions
  • Position & Direction
  • Decimals
  • Percentages
  • Algebra
  • Converting Units
  • Perimeter, Area & Volume
  • Properties of Shape
  • Statistics


Foundation Topics


Autumn Spring Summer
Electricity Living Things Evolution
Light Animals including Humans Brazil
Buddhism Easter Field Study
Adam & Eve Football Felt phone cases
Rounders Rugby Narnia Unit
Circuits Dance Gymnastics
Basketball Yoga Athletics
Pasties Peer Pressure Cricket
Vikings Powerpoint Classroom Jazz
Overview of the World Small Basic Grow a pound
Excel 'You've got a friend' Sex Education
Scratch Easter Transition to High School
'Happy' WW2 Web Design