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Year 5 - Tigers

Welcome to Class 5F - Tiger Class

Your teacher is Mrs Flouris

Your Learning Support Assistants in Year 5 are: Mrs Pratheepaan, Mrs Mellon 

Our Meadow HLTA's are: Mrs Dalglish, Mrs Georgui, Mrs Mockler, Mrs Irvine, Mrs Mellon, Mrs Roberts

English - Topics


Autumn Spring Summer
Kaspar Prince of Cats Cosmic                    Famous Five
War Horse Gadget Man The Highwayman





We are using Classroom Secrets to deliver a series of lessons covering the National Curriculum objectives.  The lessons are differentiated in a variety of ways and the children are encouraged to challenge themselves at a suitable level through fluency, problem solving and reasoning.  We use a variety of resources such as White Rose Hub to expose the children to a mastery curriculum to fully imbed their understanding.

Foundation Topics


Autumn Spring Sumer
Properties of Solids, Liquids, Gases



Plants and life cycles of animals


Changes in Materials Earth and Space Animals, including humans
Edwardians and WW1 Mayans Dorset
North and South America Earthquakes and Volcanoes Local History
Explosion Art Mayan Art Keith Herring
Moving Pictures Food technology Fairground Rides
Who did Jesus say "I am"? How did Jesus's teaching challenge people? How can a mosque help us understand the Muslim faith?
Why is light important at Christmas?

How do Christians know what happened at Easter?

How do the pillars of Islam help a Muslim live a good life?


Here are a few ideas for ways in which you could extend your child’s learning at home this term.

Suggested Visits and Websites

  • Bourne Hall Museum Club
  • Try out the coke and mentos experiment or make Alkaseltzer and water rockets
  • Visit Sea City museum in Southampton to find out all about the Titanic.
  • Visit the Imperial War museum to find out about conflicts from WW1 to the present day