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Year 3 - Sharks

Welcome to Class 3C - Shark Class

Your teacher is Mrs Crump

Your Learning Support Assistants in Year 3 are: Mrs Irvine, Mrs Behena, Mrs Hamilton

Our Meadow HLTAs are: Mrs Dalglish, Mrs Georgui, Mrs Mockler,

Mrs Irvine, Mrs Mellon, Mrs Roberts

This is what the children will be learning in school this term:



In maths we are following a scheme called Power Maths.  Every child has their own practice book in which they complete tasks each lesson.  During lessons, children are encouraged to discover and then share their thoughts with their peers about how they would solve mathematical problems and they are encouraged to reason and explain their mathematical thinking.  In maths, we will be using lots of practical resources to help the children understand concepts and to help them master the different areas of the maths curriculum.




In year 3 we are studying the following texts this year:


  • The Owl Who Was Afraid of the Dark by Jill Tomlinson
  • Esiotrot by Roald Dahl
  • The Jolly Christmas Postman by Allan Ahlberg
  • Various Greek Myths
  • Gansta Granny by David Walliams 
  • Varjak Paw by S.F Said


We will be writing a range of genres based on these texts including: poetry, formal and informal letters, information texts, myths, newspaper reports, adventure stories, suspense stories, biographies and recounts.



Throughout the year we will be learning about the following topics in the different foundation subjects:


Science: Nutrition, digestion and skeletons; Plants; Rocks, fossils and soil; Forces, magnets and compasses; Light and Scientists and Inventors

Geography: An Overview of the UK; Cornwall; Arctic and Antarctic

History:  The Ancient Egyptians; The Ancient Greeks and Ancient Rome

Art: Sketching and observational drawing; making Greek Masks and Art Nouveau

DT: Making kites; Sewing to make juggling balls and making bread

PE: Dance, Gymnastics, Yoga, Rounders, Netball, Rugby, Football, Circuits, Athletics

Music: Let Your Spirit Fly; Three Little Birds; Glokenspiel; The Dagon Song; Bringing us Together; Reflect, Rewind, Replay

Computing: Online safety; Excel Databases; Powerpoint; Binary; Data Handling

RE: Judaism; Why do we give presents at Christmas? Christianity; Easter; Why is the Bible a best-seller today?; Where did it all begin?

MFL: Spanish



  • Reading
  • Times tables
  • Diary writing
  • Logic puzzles 
  • Crosswords
  • Still life studies
  • Discussions including explaining beliefs
  • Identifying materials in nature
  • Rock hunts
  • Museum and gallery trips


As well as weekly spellings, reading and x tables practice, children need to complete five activities from the homework sheet (the are 5 rows all containing tasks from different aspects of the curriculum). Children must aim to spend at least 40 minutes on each piece of work. We ask for the books to be handed in halfway through the term, so that we can check the children’s progress. The final date for all work to be completed is the last Tuesday of the term. One week is dedicated to family time, so if you have a busy weekend, please write ‘family time’ in the homework books.


Children will independently change their own books this year using their Accelerated Reader ZPD ranges. If your child has finished reading their book, please discuss the characters and events with them, ensuring that they have understood what they have read. Please make sure that you are reading with your child every day. Every child who reads to an adult at home 4 times a week can colour their name on our reading display. Children who complete this every week will receive an award in assembly. 


Our PE lessons are timetabled for Tuesdays and Fridays.