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Year 1 - Ladybirds

Welcome to Class 1Y - Ladybird Class

Your teacher is Miss Wai Yee Yeung

Your Learning Support Assistants in Year 1 are: Mrs Anne Conlin, Mrs Jayne Hayland, Mrs Deborah Woodford, Miss Vicky Hambleton 

Our Meadow HLTA's are: Mrs Chris Dalglish, Mrs Amany Georgui, Mrs Sally Mockler,

Mrs Keiley Irvine, Mrs Natasha Mellon, Mrs Julie Roberts




We have been working on our understanding of numbers. This has involved checking our counting, one more and one less and place value. 


The children have used cubes, numicon and dienes to really help them to understand what a number is makeup of and how we can use these to help us really understand what numbers are.



We have been continuing our unit on 'Stories with Familiar Settings' and have now covered a whole collection of brilliant books. We have looked at Six Dinner Sid and The Gruffalo. Through looking at these books we have been able to work on: capital letters, full stops, 'and', adjectives, retelling stories, speech bubbles, 'I' with a capital letter and getting lots of great ideas for when we write our own story.



Children are reminded and encouraged to change their reading book on a Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Please make sure that you are reading with your child daily. If your child has finished their book please continue to read books that you have at home or practise their phonic sounds with them. 



We always love to promote outside learning and see motivated learning. We have been looking at how our shadows look different at different times of the day and seasonal changes. 

Show and Tell


As we mentioned in our Parents in Partnership meeting Show and Tell is something that happens on a Friday. Please encourage your child to only bring in things on this day. We would also like to suggest that the children tell you why their item is special before they bring it in so that you can encourage them to bring in things which will promote good classroom discussions.


Things which would be great for Show and Tell include:


  • A family holiday memory
  • A leaflet from a museum visit
  • A fossil or shell which has an interesting story
  • A medal or certificate 
  • A piece of independent work or a story written at home

Star of the Week



Every week we choose one child who we feel has been a real superstar in school. The child is able to take home the class mascot and their diary for the weekend. 


We will be looking out for children working really hard and showing a good attitude throughout the week.