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Solar Panels


Meadow Primary now has 117 solar panels. Every school has the potential to generate its own renewable energy. And as most schools have a large roof, solar PV (electricity) is generally the stand out choice.  So why did we decide to ‘go solar’?


The main benefits of going solar are:

  1. Reduced electricity bills: we

  2. can make significant savings on our electricity bills, which allows

  3. us to spend the ‘savings’ on educational and recreational programmes, not on energy.

  4. Solar panels can generate electricity for 25 years or more

  5. So the cost savings will go on for some time and could be very substantial.

  6. Revenue generation: solar PV will generate a steady income stream for us over a 20 year period.

  7. Reducing CO2 emissions: we can help to combate climate change by significantly reducing our school's greenhouse gas emissions. A medium size system can reasonably expect to mitigate several tonnes of greenhouse gas emission each and every year, creating significant CO2 savings over the lifespan of a system.

  8. Education and engagement: we can now visually communicate to our pupils about the benefits of sustainability through a working example of renewable technology in their own school. This will provide more direct engagement, particularly in the subjects of geography, science, design and technology and IT. This can also help to inspire the wider community to take action to address climate change.

Taking these benefits into consideration,  we hope that you agree that the business, moral and educational case for installing solar PV in schools is very compelling and will be hugely beneficial to Meadow Primary.

We will soon have web access to monitor the energy produced and screens will be placed around the school for our pupils to keep up to date with the solar activity.


“We are delighted that the installation of our solar panels has now been completed. We plan to fully involve the children in assessing how we are helping the environment by this new addition to our school by getting the children to monitor how much energy we are saving and where appropriate getting them to work out how much money this will save. We also want the children to understand how solar panels are contributing to saving the environment by lowering our carbon footprint. Please keep a close eye on the website and watch on the counter, how much energy we save!” – Gayle Jenkins

Latest Update - January 2018


Latest Update - October 2017


Latest Update - April 2016


We now have our first full year’s readings and are delighted that we generated a massive 32000KWh of electricity to the end March, almost a third of the total amount of electricity we used throughout the school site during that period! Having the solar panels on site also provides many learning opportunities for the children and we have also obviously reduced our carbon footprint by a huge amount – we are so pleased with the many benefits this project has brought. 



Latest Update - 17th November 2015

These are our slides from our latest ECO assembly, the assembly was about our school's solar panels. Our next assembly will be about our new recycling bins. It will take place tomorrow  and will be carried out by the ECO team.

By Emma 5D and Hannah 6A.

Latest Update - 21st September 2015


Latest Update - 17th June 2015


Latest Update - 19th May 2015

We're loving all this sunny weather - look at the great figures that we have for our solar panels already.