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School Council

School Councillors at Meadow Primary School are committed to improving the school. At the start of the academic year, potential candidates are invited to stand for election (anonymous) by their peers in a similar way to how members of parliament are elected in Great Britain. This involves the candidates giving speeches and presentations about what they will do as a councillor that will benefit the school.

Once the elections have been completed and candidates have been chosen they are announced to the whole school in one of the weekly assemblies and are presented with the ‘much sought after’ School Councillor badge.

Once elected, School Councillors must maintain an extremely high standard of work as they are role models for the rest of the school. Failure to meet these high standards results in the suspension or cancellation of their School Councillors privileges. This enables a link between school and the skills needed in modern British society.

The school council then meets once or twice every 2 weeks to discuss current issues that have been brought to them by their fellow pupils or what they have noticed themselves.

Summer Term

This term has been very busy for School Council, rounding up the school year.

School Magazine

We have completed and currently selling our school magazine. We worked extremely hard on creating something exciting for everyone and they have loved it!


Water Safety

We worked with our classes to share with everyone the importance of water safety as part of Drowning Prevention Week in June.


Happy Shoe Day

We loved wearing shoes that made us happy and even chose some of our favourites around the school giving Happy Shoe Day stickers out. Everyone enjoyed sharing why their shoes made them happy!


We look forward to another busy year starting in September with a new School Council team, Chair and Deputy!

Spring Term


This half term the School Council re-elected a new Head and Deputy for the spring term. The children provided fantastic speeches and ways to improve our School Council.


Comic Relief 


The School Council also organised the Comic Relief fundraising day on Friday 15th March. They suggested wearing a splash of red and teaching the rest of the school about the charity's work with tailored lessons for each year group. 

We raised £457 in total. A fantastic effort from everyone, thank you!


School Magazine


We also started preparations of our School Council magazine by asking our classes what they would like to read and do. There are lots of great ideas and we are looking forward to completing it.


Class doors


Everyone enjoyed decorating their class doors connected to their favourite books. The children and staff spent a lot of time and effort making them all stand out and fill them with work! Which doors did your child see and like?


We are looking forward to next term and making our school better for you all!

Autumn Term


This term we have been very busy at School Council and wanted to keep you all updated.


Display Wars


We started off the school year with a challenge to create the best corridor display in our termly Display Wars. We hope you enjoyed looking at them during parent’s evenings and when you have visited the school. We look forward to next terms creations!


Children In Need


We have raised money for Children In Need by selling wristbands and hosting a brown, yellow and spotty mufti day.  We loved teaching the children in our classes about Children In Need and how it has helped lots of children over the years. We had some great new character designs, stories, descriptions and role plays. We raised over £1000 and that is all thanks to you.

Thank you for all of your support.


Road Safety


This term we also surveyed the local roads to measure how safe they were. We completed a traffic survey to record how busy the roads got at peak times, as well as parking by grown-ups when picking up children. We noticed that the roads get busier when it is raining and that some parents parked in places that would be a risk when children are crossing as they would not be able to be seen by other cars.

Please think of us when you are driving and parking around school and remember your child can receive a badge for walking to school or parking and striding from Nonsuch Park.

Please help to keep us safe!


We are looking forward to next term and we wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.


From School Council