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Reception - Rabbits

Welcome to Class RS - Rabbit Class

Your teacher is Miss Speer

Your Learning Support Assistants in Reception are: Mrs Poles, Mrs Bhatt, Miss Nash

Our Meadow HLTA's are: Mrs Dalglish, Mrs Georgui, Mrs Mockler,

Mrs Irvine, Mrs Mellon, Mrs Roberts



The phonics we teach in the EYFS and KS1 are a combination of Jolly Phonics and the Letters and Sounds Programme which is followed in all schools. Research suggests that those children who learn phonetically become better readers and spellers and develop more independence. The Letters and Sounds Programme is split into 6 phases; in Reception we teach Phase 2 and 3.



Enjoyment of reading begins at home, sharing books together and allowing your child to become interested in the written word. When reading with your child, you should try to talk about the title of the book and what it could be about.  When you come across unfamiliar words encourage your child to sound them out; if it cannot be sounded out tell them the word. Use the pictures to talk about what is going to happen and to work out unfamiliar words. Do not cover up the pictures. Once you have read a book, there is a lot of value in re-reading, looking at different words and letters, answering questions or retelling the story.



Handwriting begins with mark making. Children should be shown the correct pencil tri-pod grip.  In Reception there is a strong emphasis on correct letter formation.  Letter formation sheets are given out every week in handwriting books.  We ask you to sit with your child whilst practising to ensure the correct letter formation is used.

Star of the Week


Every week we choose one child in each class who we feel has been a real superstar in school. This might be for showing some fantastic learning or good behaviour throughout the week. 


This child will be able to take home the class mascot and their diary for the weekend.



This year we are learning about a range of topics.  Each half term we will focus on one of the topics below:-

  • All about me
  • Transport
  • Around the World
  • My Imagination
  • Animals
  • Traditional Tales