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Re-opening of school

Dear Parents and Carers 


I am sure you have been following the Government’s announcements regarding the re-opening of schools. Over the course of this week the guidance is changing rapidly, and high-level meetings are taking place between the trades unions and the Government to try and agree a common way forward. This leaves us in a difficult position as we cannot inform you of our plans with any certainty now.  


However, I want to reassure you that both the school and the Bourne Education Trust is planning how we can manage the return to school, when it happens. Underpinning our plans are the following principles: 


  1. We will abide by the framework published by the Government and organise for the named year groups (Reception, year 1 and year 6) to return to school.  

  2. We will follow the trades unions’ guidance to support both pupils and staff. 

  3. We do not believe that it is possible for the school to re-open on the 1st June and see the week commencing the 8th June as more achievable so that the site can be made ready. 

  4. The return of each of the named year groups will be staggered so do not expect all of them to come back to school at the same time; dates for each one will be issued in due course. 

  5. Health, safety and well-being will be our primary considerations for all pupils and staff. 

  6. We will attempt to mitigate the key risks associated with the Coronavirus by adopting strict social distancing measures. 

  7. Normal class sizes will not be possible, and we cannot guarantee that your child will have his or her regular teacher; classes may be taken by a teaching assistant under the direction of a teacher. 

  8. Not all our staff are able to return to work at present. 

  9. We are unlikely to be able to offer the normal school day; start and end times will be staggered and changed. 

  10. To maintain social distancing, we may be unable to offer catering facilities, in which case school will end at lunchtime for all except children of key workers and those that are vulnerable; vouchers for those in receipt of free school meals will continue to be offered. 

  11. Support for home learning will continue for those year groups not in school. 


You can see that these principles will mean that school will look very different from what your children left in late March. I want to thank you in advance for your support and understanding. These are exceptional times and we need to work together in order to navigate our way through them. 


I will write to you again with more details once the national framework has been agreed.  


Yours sincerely 


Laura Benardout 

Head of School