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Prime Minister's Announcement

10th May 2020



Dear Parents and Carers



You, like us, heard for the first time from the Prime Minister this evening about their possible next steps to move the country forward from ‘Lockdown’.


The Prime Minister shared a thought that children in Reception, Year 1 and Year 6 may be the first to return to school in some way from early June. 


As yet we have no more information than you do about this plan.  We expect to receive some guidance from the Department for Education at some point in the next day or so, and at that point we can begin to make plans in accordance with that guidance.


In the meantime, our status is as it has been since the 23rd March – our schools are only open for those children of Critical Workers who need to be cared for while their parent(s) are at work and for those children deemed ‘vulnerable’.


Please be assured that as soon as we have had the relevant guidance and new plans in place, we will be making contact to share the relevant information with you.



Yours faithfully



Laura Benardout

Head of School