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Important clarification regarding Re-opening Survey - YR, 1 & 6

Dear Parents and Carers,

Further to some feedback from yourselves I would like to clarify a number of points with regard to the survey we sent out.

  1. By completing the survey, you are confirming your decision as to whether your child will be attending school when their year Group is open so it is imperative that you complete the survey before 9am on Thursday 21st May.
  2. After this time, there will be no opportunity to opt back in to the school offer as we will be finalizing the bubbles that the children will be in with their staff member.
  3. There will be no movement into bubbles in order to minimize any risk of transmission of the virus.
  4. It is possible to opt out of the school offer.
  5. Please complete the option to state whether your child/ren will remain within the key worker category.
  6. Your child/ren can be in the Key worker category or one of the Y6, Y1 or YR bubbles but not in both.

The link to the survey is included in my letter yesterday

Thank you so much for your support during this very challenging time and I hope you and your families are keeping well and safe.

Laura Benardout

Head of School