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Home Learning

Dear Parents/ Carers,


Home learning due to school closure


Thank you very much for your continued support his week in such an uncertain time. As you are aware from government guidelines, the school will be closed from today. (Apart from in exceptional circumstances.) Our staff have been very busy working on providing learning to be completed at home and we appreciate your support so that we can continue to provide the children with an education.


Years 1-6


Each morning your class teacher will send a PowerPoint of tasks for your child to complete at home via email. Please ensure that your class teacher has this information if you have not already provided it via the office.

Your child’s class teacher will then be available via email to answer any questions you may have about the tasks set.

At the end of each day we ask for you, if you would like to, to take a photograph of the children’s work and send it back to your class teacher via email for commenting. When you send work to the class teacher please note that it must not include any children just the work itself due to safeguarding.

Children are expected to write a comment at the end of their learning stating: Today I have....

They will also have some reflection questions to complete.




The tasks will also be sent out via email and we ask parents to add their work completed to your child’s Tapestry account to provide evidence of their home based learning. Class teachers will then comment on this platform.

Teachers are available during working hours to respond to emails and concerns that you may have. Please note class teacher emails are their first initial and surname followed by @meadow.surrey.sch.uk

We have sent home or asked you to collect/ organise with class reps collecting a home learning book from the office. This is to support recording of tasks that will be sent from Monday 23rd March, although we are aware that many of you may already have stationery at home we did not want anyone to not be able to complete tasks set.

If you have any issues in accessing the internet or your emails please let the school office know so that we can try to put other measures in place.

We appreciate you working with us and please take advantage of the free resources and websites shared with you via our first phase of home learning earlier in the week. Also keep a look out for tasks and challenges on our Facebook page and add your comments.


We look forward to seeing the fantastic learning you are doing at home and even more to having you all back in school soon.


Kind Regards,

Laura Benardout

Head of School