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Welcome to our Governors’ section.

Our Governing Body is made up from members of the local authority, community, staff and parents.

What is a Governor?


Governors are part of the biggest volunteer force in the UK - there are 300,000 of us! So what do we get out of it and what difference does it make to you and your children?


Some of you will no doubt be aware of the shifting emphasis of the role of the governor in any school. Along with the fast pace of educational reform, the government is very clear about the role governors are expected to play and the professionalism and strategic clarity they must demonstrate to get the job done.


Governors are now rigorously assessed as part of the Leadership and Management judgement in an Ofsted inspection.

Role of the Governing body

The Governing Body of Meadow School is made up of representatives of parents, staff and members of the local community.


Our essential role is :

1. To work at a strategic level to strive for school improvement.

2. Governors understand, agree, and challenge the targets that the school sets.

3. Governors monitor the school via the Headteachers Reports, data about the school and via school visits.

4. To monitor safeguarding, looked after children, children with special needs, behaviour, social, moral, spiritual and cultural aspects of school life, subjects and year groups.


Our role includes supporting the Head and staff of the school in three main areas:

  1. Leading Strategic Planning -  Where should the school be heading?

  2. Acting as ‘Critical Friend' -  Is this the best way?

  3. Ensuring accountability -  Are the school using it's resources to the greatest benefit for all the children?

  4. Offering the school a different viewpoint and asking questions to help the school in its self-monitoring.


Governors also meet as a full governing body, in committees or sub committees once or twice a term. In addition, we have working parties on specific projects.

All governors meet with various staff to discuss particular subjects and areas of responsibility and complete 'Learning Walks' with staff to monitor learning.

When Governors visit the school they report their findings back to the whole Governing body.

Picture 1 Miss Gayle Jenkins - Executive Head
Picture 2 Ms Sheila Morrison - Chair of Governors
Picture 3 Mrs Jean Inwood - Vice Chair/Community Governor
Picture 4 Mrs Vanessa Hackett - Vice Chair/Co-Opted Governor
Picture 5 Mrs Jennifer Ede - Co- opted Governor
Picture 6 Ms Louise Histed - Associate Member
Picture 7 Mrs Amanda Dunnell - Associate Member
Picture 8 Mr Colin Rogers - Vice Chair/Parent Governor
Picture 9 Mrs Sandra Edwards - Co-Opted Governor
Picture 10 Angus Rahi-Young - Parent Governor
Picture 11 Ms Samantha Owo - Co-Opted Governor
Picture 12 Sathya Raviendrakuma - Co-Opted Governor
Picture 13 Miss Suzanne Stubbings - Associate Governor
Picture 14 Mr Norman Keane - Parent Governor

Contact for Chair of  Governors, Sheila Morrison

E-Mail - smorrison@meadow.surrey.sch.uk

Contact No:  020 8393 4839