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Monday 12th June 2017

Today we looked at my power point about Eco energy. We learnt about lots of different type of Eco energy such as under floor heating, solar panels and many more!



Monday 22nd May

Today we learnt about biodiversity with the help of the PowerPoint we created. 


Toby and Lauren year 3

Monday 8th May

This week, our Eco meeting was lead by Megan and has showed us a amazing PowerPoint on litter. Click below to see.

By Megan, Vedant, Harry and Lauren.


Thursday 27th April


Recently the Eco team came up with some ideas to make the school more Eco friendly. See the slide show below to see what ideas we thought of.Can think of any more ideas?


Harry & Vedant both year 4

Latest News - February 2017

We are thrilled to announce that we have just been awarded an Eco Schools Silver Award! 

It's a fantastic recognition of all the hard work we've been doing towards making our school and grounds more eco and wildlife friendly and we are so proud.

Latest News - 14th October 2016

A huge thanks to those parents and grandparents who came along to our GYGGD on 14th October 2016 - we were amazed at how much we achieved during the day and the children loved having their grownups in school.

Among many other things, we managed to create the beginnings of a bog garden, which will hopefully encourage lots more wildlife into the garden when we plant it up in the Spring and we dug over, edged and planted up a border which again should be welcoming for some colourful visitors. We also exerted a great deal of muscle removing a large section of hedge to make the garden more accessible to visitors and those just wanting to see what wild and wonderful things are going on in there – take a look next time you’re passing! One of our helpers had also bought some new plants and bulbs for the garden, which was greatly appreciated – we are always very grateful for additions to our garden and planters around school, so if you have any surplus plants, bulbs, seeds etc that you do not have room for, we would love to give them a home!  

Latest News on Solar Panels - April 2016


We now have our first full year’s readings and are delighted that we generated a massive 32000KWh of electricity to the end March, almost a third of the total amount of electricity we used throughout the school site during that period! Having the solar panels on site also provides many learning opportunities for the children and we have also obviously reduced our carbon footprint by a huge amount – we are so pleased with the many benefits this project has brought. 

This is our garden - Spring 2016

Our gardening club will be working hard over the next few weeks to get everything tidy and prepared for Mrs Flower's visits. We're really looking forward to working with her again and hope that our fruit and vegetables are going to be as fantastic as last year.

Update 24th November 2015

the ECO team have recently been putting up these stickers around the school reminding people to turn off the lights. This will save electricity and reduce the amount we spend on it every day. We put the stickers up to remind people around the school to save electricity.

By Emma 5D and Hannah 6A

Update 3rd November 2015

This is a picture of our ECO board from the last assembly that the ECO Team have done. It was all about our school's solar panels, the assembly educated KS1 and KS2 and was completed and carried out by the ECO Team. We are excited to announce that the ECO Team are putting together another assembly about recycling which will educate the whole school just like our first assembly did. Our assembly will be carried out for KS1 on the 18th of November and the 26th of November for KS2.

By Emma 5D and Hannah 6A

Update 20th October 2015

This is a member of the ECO Team emptying one of our recycling bins. The majority of the bins are mostly filled with scrap paper and some card, this means most of our bins are very full each time they're emptied. Most of the classes throughout the school have about the same amount of recycled material in their bins. The ECO Team are currently planning an assembly about recycling which will take place on the 19th of November 2015.

By Emma 5D and Hannah 6A

Update 13th October 2015

These are our new recycling bins. We have them in every class throughout the school. They can contain all plastics, cardboard and paper, cartons and cans and tins. The ECO team empty the bins 4 times a week into the bigger bins in the playground which are collected by the council every week and taken to their recycling centre.  

By Emma 5D and Hannah 6A


Streets covered in rubbish and dog dirt, endangered animals, shortages of energy and water, ravaged rainforests and a damaged ozone layer - these are just some of the environmental issues we are all faced with.

Some of these problems are harder to sort out than others. Stopping climate change and its consequences - rising sea levels, melting ice caps and droughts in some of the world’s poorest countries – is a daunting task and one that has all of our world leaders, top scientists and environmental experts scratching their heads to find a solution.

As an ordinary citizen it’s easy to feel helpless when thinking about the monumental problems threatening our planet.

But there is an environmental programme just for schools, which demonstrates to children and young people how making small efforts, like turning off the tap when brushing their teeth, can make a huge difference to their local community, their town or city, and eventually to the world as a whole.

Eco-Schools is a global programme, that encourages pupils and teachers to come up with fun, eco-friendly projects to help make their school a more pleasant place to be and reduce its impact on the environment.

Some of the imaginative environmental projects Eco-Schools has come up with include:

  • Installing a wind turbine to produce some of the school’s electricity
  • Building a nature garden in the school grounds with pond, bird boxes and a wormery
  • Creating a vegetable patch and using the home-grown produce in cookery lessons
  • Organising litter picking in and around the school grounds

Not only do Eco-Schools have a positive effect on school grounds and neighbouring communities, they also create caring young citizens who think about their impact on the world.

Many children think that recycling a piece of paper is a waste of time. But Eco-Schools shows youngsters that if a school-full of people recycle their paper, tonnes of trees are saved from the chop and the rainforest and its wildlife are protected.

Many Eco-Schools recycle over 50% of their waste. With 6,000 schools signed up in the UK alone, mounds of rubbish are being diverted from landfill sites.

The programme can be incorporated into the curriculum with environmental issues and data from the school’s energy savings and projects, is being used in geography, science, citizenship and maths lessons.

Here are two ways that Meadow Primary are looking at the environment: