Team Captains

Team Captains play a vital role at Meadow Primary. A boy and a girl are elected termly
(in a similar fashion to a member of British Parliament) from the year 6 cohort of children and is a much sought after position of responsibility in school. Each Team Captain must stand for election by making a presentation or speech to gain votes by their peers (All children from Key Stage 2).

Once elected, Team Captains must maintain an extremely high standard of work as they are role models for the rest of the school. Failure to meet these high standards results in the suspension or cancellation of their team captain duties.

To ensure that Team Captains understand their important role and the duties they need to do they each sign the ‘Team Captain Rules and Responsibilities’ and ‘Team Captain Job Profile’ sheets which is similar to a contract that they will sign when they leave school and become upstanding members of British Society.

Rules and Responsibilities

  • Always walk around the school (no running).
  • Show good cooperation at all times.
  • Show good organisation at all times.
  • Demonstrate exemplary behaviour, inside, outside and off school premises at all times.
  • Always look smart wearing the correct school uniform.
  • Show respect at all times.
  • Demonstrate punctuality.
  • Always demonstrate a good working attitude.
  • Always present you work to the best of your ability.
  • Have assemblies set up before the first class enters the hall.
  • Show kindness and consideration to all.
  • Demonstrate good manners at all times.
  • Show initiative.
  • Alert members of staff to any problems in school or in the playground.
  • Raise awareness and monitor the buddy bus stop.

Due to Covid 19, the elected Team Captains have sadly not had the opportunity to carry out many of the duties they normally would do. This term, the children have: helped their teachers with PE equipment, taken part in the whole school promotional video and devised a Christmas quiz for their peers. They have worked hard to be good role-models to their peers during these difficult times. 

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